CCD’s customized solutions are the natural results of innovation, top of the line technology and the finest agents.




Back Office



More than ever are Healthcare companies and providers facing obstacles as regulatory requirements increase in quantity and complexity leading to rising costs which have forced administrators to reduce profit margins across the spectrum. Contact Centers Dominicana works to develop, implement and successfully manage relationships with Healthcare providers to ensure more effective customer service.

  • Experienced Operators in the medical retrieval field
  • Hippa compliant personnel
  • 24/7 availability
Contact Centers Dominicana’s main goal is to provide technology and enhancement. By offering a complete Nearshore outsource back end system, they can provide the services and human resources to develop a tailored and practical solution for your needs. From data entry, to transactions, to processing capabilities and document management, Contact Centers Dominicana’s customer management system will ensure your back office model becomes more practical, efficient and cost effective.

Contact Centers Dominicana’s Business-to-Business team members are continuously trained and have a track record of growth in service contract revenue. Promoting solutions, selling, and assessing customer needs, they establish long-term relationships that lead to increased differentiated business results, sales and lowered operation costs. By understanding, servicing and collaborating with its client’s end users, Contact Centers Dominicana can eventually increase sales, as well as, from renewals, extensions, or just plain new creations, ensure long term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Service

Available 24/7, our representatives will engage and empathize with our client’s customers providing them with rapid and adequate satisfaction to their needs.


Helping businesses grow, we provide lead generation, product and service promotions, as well as susbcription sales and renewals, to assist meeting every client’s sales goals.


As its pioneers, we are the most reliable scheduling service providers in the Caribbean. We guarantee efficiency and effectiveness in appointment and service scheduling.

Company Overview

CCD is a Nearshore Leader in exceptional customer experience. We are an American owned and operated management firm, focused on customer solutions with the highest American standards in Nearshore today.

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