Over twenty years ago a journey began in the Dominican Republic, a passage, which continues today. It began as a whisper, a faint yet transcendent idea which became unstoppable.



Our most important resource is our human resource, true performance, and excellence lies not in the infrastructure or location, but rather in the passion, innovation and dedication which exist in the heart of our employees. We measure success in our ability to convey or manage vision to our employees thus having it become a global vision shared by all. In order to achieve this we have created a unique program combining a vibrant and progressive work environment with measurable performance indicators that results in our representatives evolution or REPOLUTION.

Who are our agents?.
At CCD, our reputation as a top employer allows us to attract a higher number of qualified agents than our competition. We employ and retain agents who are highly trained and motivated to serve your company through embodying our philosophy of excellence. We combine targeted selection activities and IVR technology to create our “Repolution” (representative evolution) method to recruit, retain, and empower our agents. Through partnerships with educational institutions, this method is one of CCD’s most competitive assets.

Agent development is an ongoing process that doesn’t stop.
It’s an evolutionary process of adaptation that grows with the team member from the time they walk in the door to the moment they sit in front of their computer, we call that REPOLUTION or: Representative Evolution. This is the foundation upon which successful campaigns are laid and its the guiding principal here at CCD, that is Practical Innovation Applied.


CCD attracts the very best agent talent the DR has to offer through a number of unique and innovative recruiting strategies.  In addition, our facility is just a short distance from one of the largest and most prestigious colleges in all of the Dominican Republic.  Our close proximity to the campus gives CCD rich access to a pool of highly qualified candidates with knowledge of business and financial management. Most of our agents/candidates possess an undergraduate degree making them some of the most educated and highly sought after agents in the world.

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