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What are your ambitions?

Would you like your efforts rewarded? Would you like to reach your productivity potential? Would you like to achieve your career and income goals? Would you like to evolve as a profesional? Would you like better control of your future? If your answer to all these questions is “Yes!,” than CCD is the place for you. One of the leading contact centers in the industry, it is the ideal place for any individual to realize his or her goals, as both an individual and a profesional. Having expanded to a second location in Naco, Santo Domingo, it is offering more opportunities for growth and development to those who wish to form part of a family environment in which support and encouragement abounds.



A benefits package


Provided lunch


Spacious workstations




Break lounge


And much more!


 Agents’ stories


Wendy (Seasoned seller Hardworking)

Problem: Wendy was a seasoned seller, who had sold door to door for over 15 years. She had become tired of all the rigors imposed on her by the job and was considering exploring the world of modern sells –Online and by phone-, to have a rest from long tiring trips.


Opportunity: Wendy heard that CCD was established in her city, and decided to the give it a try. Although she had always been an independent worker, she was enthusiastic and went for it. She was rapidly hired and her life changed forever.


Resolution: Wendy felt relief in her new job. CCD not only provided her with the rest she needed, but also improved her abilities as a seller. After a few months, she won the best selling agent prize in her department and sometime after she was promoted to Selling Supervisor. Now she has enough time and income to spend some time with her family.

Marcus (Entrepreneur Focus Passionate)

Problem: Marcus is a young artist and student of Mass Communication, who yearned to achieve independence. Since he was still living with his parents, his challenge was that he needed to find a job that fit his schedule; that way he could continue with his studies and have time for his passion.


Opportunity: One day Marcus read about CCD and thought it was the answer he so anxioulsy needed. From the moment he arrived, he felt identified with his sorroundings. He found it to be “a peaceful environment where I found other people like me, looking for independence.”


Resolution: Marcus is now an independent artist and is able to continue with his studies. Putting all of his effort and creativity in his work and education has led him to great achievements both in work and in his personal life. He also got to move out on his own and has been able to pay for both college his artwork.

Daniela (Young Single mother Fighter)

Problem: Daniela is a charismatic young Marketing graduated and mother of a 3 year old girl. After college, she struggled to find work as no company was hiring personnel without ample experience.


Opportunity: Daniela stumbled upon a great opportunity, CCD. She had found a place where she could apply her knowledge and experience further growth. Sparks of joy came from her eyes as she realized she could support herself and her daughter, so she quickly sought a position.


Resolution: She was able to give her daughter a type of life she never had, and managed to pay her college debt. After months of dedication and hard work as a customer service representative, she scaled to a higher position and was able to buy a new car, move to a better apartment, and establish a savings regimen to create financial security and guarantee her daughter’s education.

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