CCD has established itself within the contact center industry as a pioneer and innovator; reason it is a leading call center. In keeping with its customs, it is promoting and expanding one of its key services; medical imaging scheduling. It provides scheduling services for all types of examinations, both low and high modalities, creating a patient experience like no other in the medical imaging industry today.

While other scheduling companies may offer you a scheduler, CCD offers not only scheduling services, but an experienced, knowledgeable and courteous staff which follows specific office protocols to assist customers with the handling of required information and any additional feedback which maybe requested. It also provides scheduling for lawyers, conventions, dental, medical, financial, insurance and travel practices, as well as set up meetings, conferences and campaigns providing a seamless extension of the practice so patient experience is consistent in service level and brand representation. A world class scheduling solution for all of your business needs.

In the medical industry patient call volumes are continually rising and must be met with the proper staff and resources to properly manage them. CCD’s efficiency guarantees consistency, proper handling of and timely delivery of information, all to ensure satisfaction for both staff members and patients. Outsourcing your scheduling can produce operational and clinical efficiencies, while reducing cost and increasing revenue.

CCD maintains a flexible attitude to meet your needs. Its products and services are completely customized to fit your unique situation as they can easily design a personalized service package. Its automated appointment reminder service reduces no-show rates and offers piece of mind while increasing patient satisfaction. It yields significant value for practices that need to communicate with their patients to enhance care coordination and remove the burden of follow-up from the physician staff. The solution of a fully managed system will provide positive return on investment and guarantee customer loyalty.

No matter what you particular situation is, CCD is the answer. Being able to work off any existing software platform, it guarantees a satisfactory transition from your internal scheduling departments. Opportunity awaits; contact CCD and experience firsthand the quality they stand behind.