In order to remain competitive in the global contact center market, key investments in facilities and infrastructure are not just important but rather, required.  As a result, CCD has continued to make substantial investments in all areas of operation in order to maintain its provision of quality and consistency. This has afforded it a reputation as a top employer because it cares for its internal customers, much as they care for their external clients.

CCD understands that in the world of today, plagued by recessions if not shrinking economies, it is important to establish job security. Simply having a job, however, no longer suffices as it must be well suited for the long term. No longer does simply finding a job solve the problem, it takes finding the right job. From corporate benefits, to complementary training, to promotions and further development, it should offer the venue to allow one to grow with the company as well as an individual. In support of this, its headquarters are being equipped with one hundred additional agent stations, along with a newly acquired facility in the nation’s capital city.

This comes as a considerable advantage for the company as well as its clients as it is able to better serve them. One of the advantages of a second location is the redundancy it provides for the programs that require it. This means physical redundancy, as there are two locations where calls can be directed, as well as data redundancy since both locations are interconnected. It also means that resources can be shared between locations and that many more jobs will be created.

The benefits of these soon-to-be available agent positions include an achievement based compensation method designed and oriented to allow agents to reach career and income goals, as well as achieve better control of their future. Additionally, the new location, in Naco, Santo Domingo, the center of the metropolitan area, will provide transportation and a lounge room for employee breaks with a lunch provision.

Its wide array of benefits and opportunities for personal as well as professional growth makes CCD the perfect venue to reach a future rooted in ability, stability and sustainability.