The cornerstones of success, for any business, are quality and consistency; quality in the service or product it provides and the ability to provide it on a continual basis. These ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. As a business expands and its needs for cost reduction while maintaining impeccable customer service ratings increase, it requires the assistance of a delegate which matches its vision and track record of excellence. To fulfill this need the solution is CCD. Located in Santiago, Dominican Republic, it is a Center Source Incorporated certified partner and premier call center which enjoys a large pool of qualified talent with strong cultural affinities toward the United States.

CCD provides solutions for clients from the entertainment, healthcare, technology industries and operates under the law of Free Zones, which provides tax exemption as well as exemptions from tariffs pertaining to any goods or equipment required for company operations. It employs a highly skilled, multi-lingual labor force directed by competent and successful business leaders educated in the United States and experienced in the North American business model. Its infrastructure consists of some of the most sophisticated, secure and reliable telephony networks, information technology security and emergency backup power systems in the world, all supported by the continual investment of the Dominican government in the contact center industry to create and enhance well paid and sustainable jobs for its population.

Simply having an impressive combination of human resources, technologies and government incentives, however, does not guarantee victory. CCD understands that it takes the consolidation of strong process discipline, strategic investment, talent and performance excellence, in order to achieve extraordinary results. It measures triumph through the satisfaction and corresponding success of its clients.

Not by chance or happenstance is it the leading, most advanced and innovative outsourced customer interaction center in the Caribbean. Rather, it is due to the sustained quality of its services and the results they yield. If your next step is to outsource, then CCD is your solution.